Absolute Surrender

Absolute Surrender
Titel: Absolute Surrender
Auteur: Murray, Andrew
Bestelnr.: 9780883680933
Prijs : € 8,95
Voorraad: Onbekend
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'Reading this book is like walking through a doorway into a deeper Christian maturity and understanding of God's plan for us' - Dr. Richard G. Arno, National Christian Counselors Assoc. 

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'Every Christian needs to understand the value of sanctification in order to be ready for God's use and purpose. Share this book with your Christian friends' - Gerald Derstine, Christian Retreat 

'Andrew Murray offers to us in ''Absolute Surrender'' his desire to see the Church completely dependent on Christ. The beauty of Murray's message will show the reader the way to walk in Christ's love and peace. The reader is presented with the belief that the greatest need of the Church and of believers is that there needs to be absolute surrender to God.'


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